The Quatrefoil

On week 5 we learnt how to make a Quatrefoil and information about Max Gimblett.

First, we needed to make 2 lines. The first line needs to me horizontally and the other line needs to be vertically. The 2 lines needs to be in the middle, if you see the red horizontally or vertically line that means its in the middle.

Next, we needed to add 4 circles. The first circle needs to be on the middle top and we need to put the circle if the red line horinzontally line appears and make the same thing on the other circles but we need to place them in a different place to make it look like a quatrefoil. Then you group them together.

Last, we can design what emotion we should make. There are so many emotions like Happy, Angry, Excited, Sad and others. My emotion was the sad personality.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt information about Max Gimblett. I did well on making the quatrefoil. I need to improve on knowing information about Max Gimblett.

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