Story Types

There are 4 types of story types which they are Myths, Legend, Fairytales and Fables.

Myths is a story showing how the world works. For an example: Southern Lights is a legend because it shows where lights came from.

Legend is a story with events or people. For an example: Tsuru no Ongaeshi is a myth because it shows an old man showing kindness to a crane.

Fairytales is a story with fantastic creatures. For an example: The Kakangora is a Fairytale because it shows a creature that is in Solomon Islands.

Fables is a story showing a moral story and teaching a lesson. For an example: Rata me te Rakau is a fable because it shows a man cutting down a tree without showing respect to nature.

Myths, Legend, Fairytales and Fables are the 4 story types, each of these types has different functions.

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