We revised playing Netball.

First, we practised passing the ball. We got into a group of 3 and we had to make a triangle. We had to do the chest pass and to catch the ball we had to make a triangle.

Next, we played 3 relay games. We got into 2 teams, the first game we played was that the other team had to make a circle and they had to pass it around the circle and my team had to run around the circle until everyone had a turn. The second game we played was that our team had to make a line and pass on over our heads and under our legs.

Last, we practised playing netball. There were 2 defenders and 2 shooters, the shooter cannot run with the ball, they have to try passing the ball to the other shooter and the 2 defenders are trying to defend the ball from the shooters and there were 3 attackers in both of the teams.

I enjoyed this activity because we revised playing Netball. I did well on being an attacker. I need to improve on defending the ball when someone is trying to pass the ball to their other teammates.

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