Day: September 28, 2022

Commanding Conversation

I typed down a conversation.

First, I had to pick an image.

Next, I had to pick the name for the characters that is on the image. They are: Alice, Ophelia, Levi, and Henry.

Last, I had to type down the conversation to describe the image.

I enjoyed this activity because I typed down a conversation on many different kind of images.

Skits Video

We recorded a skit video.

First, my group and I had to fix some parts and we added one more character in the Google Doc. 

Next, my group and I practised our script. Brooke is Ida who is the bully, Ane is Diola who is the backup for her friend, and Siniva is Donatienne who is the person who is getting bullied by Ida.

Lastly, we had recorded our skits. We recorded our skits outside and we had to get one person to record us because the actors are me, Ane, and Siniva.

I enjoyed this activity because we recorded a skit video. I did well on acting. I need to improve on speaking louder.