We learnt how to play Badminton.

First, we practised holding and hitting the ball. We had to hold the ball with our dominant hand, we had to hit the ball softly. The important thing is that we have to stand still because it makes us control ourselves.

Next, we practise hitting the ball with a partner. We had to hit the ball with the racket to each other.

Afterwards, we played a game called name game. There were 3 teams, we had to get in a circle and one person had to be in the middle. The person in the middle has to say someone’s name and hit the ball to them. The person they called out has to run to the ball and hit it. Then the other person needs to do the same thing. We had to see how many times we hit the ball in the air.

Last, we played piggy in the middle by using the shuttles and rackets. There are 2 people on the left side and right side, and the other person is in the middle. The person in the middle had to catch the shuttle with the racket or if it’s on the ground they can take it and the person who hit the ball has to go in the middle.

I didn’t really enjoy this activity because it was hard for me to hit the ball in the air and I can’t control myself when I am standing still. I did well on hitting the ball onto the ground. I need to improve on hitting the ball in the air.

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