Car Design

I designed my own vehicle.

First, we had to brainstorm the pros and cons for each of the vehicles. For an example: Cons for the horse and cart, the horse would get tired from walking and pros for the modern car is that it can go over long distances.

Next, we had to pick one of the cons from one of the vehicles. For example: Cars are powered by gas so we decided to put a solar panel on top of the car so it could be controlled by the sunlight.

Last, we had to design our own vehicle. I decided to put 5 small wheels so it could go on rails, wings so it could fly on air, and solar panels so it could be powered by sunlight.

I enjoyed this activity because I created my own vehicle. I need to improve on adding more parts. I did well on designing my vehicle.

4 thoughts on “Car Design

  1. Hi Siniva
    I enjoyed reading your blog post about your car design. I like the designs and parts you have done on your car. The idea you have can help people invent awesome cars. I think you need to improve on adding more parts on the car. I also made my own car design but I’m not finished making it. How long did it take you to design the car?

    1. Malo e lelei Lila
      Thank you for commenting on my blog post. I did find it hard to think of more parts on my car. It took me an hour to create my car design. I did work hard in it and I’m pleased how I finished it. Would you drive your family around in the car you created?

      1. Hi Siniva
        Thank you for replying back to my comment. I believe the work you have put into designing a car in an hour is amazing. Yes, I would love my family to go for a ride in my designed car. What is your car powered by?

        1. Malo e lelei Lila
          Thank you again for replying to my post. I added a solar panel on top of my car so it’s powered by sunlight. I really want to see what your car looks like when it’s finished.

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