The Structure for a Narrative Paragraph is TOPES.

T stands for Title. Title is the name of the story.

O stands for Orientation. Orientation is introducing the main characters and where the world is set in. For an example: There was a little girl, the Red Little Riding Hood who was going to visit her Grandmother because she was sick.

P Stands for Problem. Problem is showing the issue for the main character. For an example: There was a Big Bad Wolf that lives in the forest.

E stands for event. Event is explaining what is happening in the story. For an example: The Red Little Riding Hood was preparing food for her grandmother in a basket and then she began walking in the forest because that is where her grandmother lives.

S stands for Solution. Solution is how they solved the problem. For an example: Then the woodsman came and saved the Red Little Riding Hood and the Grandmother from the Big Bad Wolf.

Narrative can be used to write a story.

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