Space Shuttle Orbiter

I revised on what I have learned over the past 3 weeks.

First, my group had to pick a technology we want to learn about. We decided to learn about the Space Shuttle Orbiter, we had to make a timeline of it.

Next, we had to find out the purpose, users, and stakeholders of the space shuttle orbiter and we had to write notes on our books about the facts we have researched.

Then, we had to find out the controversy of the space shuttle orbiter and then we had to create a podcast audio of it.

Last, we had to make an interactive report of it. We decided to make a quiz about the space shuttle orbiter, we had to plan on making our quiz before making our quiz.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt lots of information about the space shuttle orbiter. I did well on finding out the controversy. I need to improve on finding the purpose, users and stakeholders.

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