Day: December 19, 2022

Commanding Conversation

I completed a can-do task called Commanding Conversation.

First, I had to pick an image.

Next, I had to pick a name for the people that is on the screen. For an example: The boys on the image are Jack, Chester and Lucas.

Last, I has to write a conversation that describes the image.

I enjoyed this activity because. I did well on writing my own conversation. I need to improve on checking on the sentence if it makes sense.

Basic Facts Boxes

I completed a basic fact can-do in Addition in random.

My finishing time was 2 minutes and 14 seconds and I got all the answers correct.

I did well on getting all the answers correct, I need to improve on finishing it under 2 minutes.

Super Seesaw

I completed a summer learning journey task called Super Seesaw.

First, I watched a video on how to make a seesaw on our own.

Next, I collected the materials I needed. The materials I need are: A tube, a string, and a spoon. We didn’t had any spoon at school, so I decided to use a ruler and put the cup on the end of the ruler so it could look like a spoon.

Last, I recorded myself attempting at launching. I took me 10 attempts to score.

I enjoyed this activity because I made my own super seesaw. I did well on finding the materials I needed. I need to improve on making the string more tighter.