Leaders We Admire

Leadership is being a role model to everyone by having the confidence to take action of guiding people, being a great influencers others, and organising important tasks.

We had to find leaders we respected and give a reason why we admire them. The leader I admire is a women named “Mother Teresa”, she is a good leader because she provided poor people that didn’t have anything to consume or weren’t feeling so well. She also supported orphans that had no parents and no one for them to be looked after. She spent so much time raising and giving her love to orphans that has been having a rough life, now here is the reason why I respect Mother Teresa.


One thought on “Leaders We Admire

  1. Malo Siniva. I really enjoyed reading your blog and your DLO. I liked you and your partners reasoning on why you respect Mother Teresa as a leader and I also understand why you have so much respect for her as I do too, personally, I think she is an amazing person. Do you ever see yourself in a position like hers?

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