Tag: Word Consciousness

Digital Escape Rooms

LI: To create a digital escape room that allows others to practise their knowledge of prefixes and suffixes


This week I learnt how to create a digital escape room using Google forms. All my questions are on the affixes because writing the questions/answers and wrong answers really made me think about the definitions for the suffix. At the end I needed to find a partner, so me and my partner could try out each other’s escape room and give each other feedback on our escape room. 

I found this activity fun because I learnt how to create digital escape rooms so others could practise their knowledge.

Mrs Anderson has created a page on our site with all our escape rooms on it. Click on this link to crack our codes and increase your knowledge of affixes.

Word Building

LI: To build words from a base word using prefixes and suffixes

This week we have been learning how words are build from a base word using suffixes and prefixes. A base word is a complete word by itself that changes when you add a prefix or suffix. Our challenge is to see how many words we could make from one base word. In this DLO the word we used was ‘excite’.

We found this activity interesting because I learned how to build the base words by using suffixes and prefixes in a helpful way. For an example: if you add prefix un which means not with the base word excite which means it shows more happiness, that will create the word unexcite.