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Class Rules and Expectations Poster

LI: To follow the classroom rules and expectations (including wet day procedures)

This week we did a PB4L poster discussing about the Class Expectations and Rules and why they’re important to follow. This poster is also about respecting the teachers and pupils in the classroom. An example of this is try ignoring fights, It is important to follow these because you might get in a big problem and you will get suspended or expelled. 

I found this activity helpful because I get to learn what are the rules and expectations of the classroom. 


I learnt how to be inclusive to people. Inclusive is letting someone in a group by saying something to them or giving them your equipment.

First, I had to remember the time that I was being inclusive to someone. When we were in a group, we had to have a discussion but one of them wasn’t talking because they didn’t know what to do. I decided to ask “Do you need help?”  and then I started teaching them what to do.

Next, I had to think about the benefits of being inclusive to someone. The benefits of being inclusive to someone is making new friends, being nice, and making them feel comfortable.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to be inclusive. I did well on being inclusive. I need to improve on knowing the benefits of being inclusive.