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Portia Woodman

I learnt informations about Portia Woodman.

First, I had to find informations about Portia Woodman. One of the infomation I found about Portia Woodman is that she was one of the most recognised players in women’s sevens, as the leading try scorer on World Series.

Next, I had to answer the questions. One of the questions I answered was: What did it take in order for her to be successful? By being the first women to score 200 tries in Sevens Series.

I enjoyed this activity because I found informations about Portia Woodman. I did well on answering some of the questions. I need to improve on finding more fun facts about Portia Woodman.

Te Reo

We learnt new Maori words.

First, Whae Odie held up the card and we needed to say the object in Maori.

Next, Whae Odie told us to choose a card. If Whae Odie said the card that we have, we had to give the card to her by saying “Anei.”

Last, we revised learning the movements, they are: maui, matau, raro, runga, roto, and waho. Maui means left. Matau means right. Raro means down. Runga means up. Roto means inside. Waho means outside.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt new Maori words. I did well on knowing the maori words. I need to improve on remembering the movements.

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