Fact FInd

We research a drum from a different country for our Fact Find.

First, we needed to think of a drum from a different culture. I decided to research a drum from my culture called a lali and its a tongan drum.

Next, I typed down the introduction about the Lali. For an example: Lali is a tongan drum which are used exclusively in the dance called ma’ulu’ulu. Tongan state the dance was introduced from Samoa around 1900.

Then, I need to type down 5 different facts about the Lali. I needed to research things about the drums. For an example: Tongans probably borrowed the style drums we now use from Samoans in the early 1900s.

After, I need to attribute image of a lali and videos of someone playing with the drum.

Last, I put all the website links where I got my 5 different facts and I need to put the author of the website.

I enjoyed this activity because I did some research about a drum from my culture. I did well on finding facts. I need to improve on not copy and paste information from a website.

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