Matariki Star

LI: To plan, design and create a class star for Matariki that tells a story

For this task, I had to create a class star design for Matariki. For this design, I decided to the night with the 9 stars representing the Maori Constellation. The little designs around it represents the Maori tools like the Hook, the Whale Tail, Pounamu know as the Greentone and the Pikorua. The Hook represents Strength and Prosperity. The Whale Tail represents Family Love and Harmony. The Pounamu represents Peace and Spiritual. Lastly, the Pikorua represents the Friendship and Loyalty.

I found this activity amusing because I enjoyed planning my own star design and writing the meaning on the designs.

One thought on “Matariki Star

  1. Malo lelei Siniva,
    Awesome work, I really enjoyed reading your blog about your fantastic Matariki Star design.I’m impressed by the designs you have added for your star,I also loved the description that you wrote about your star design, the way you were telling the meaning behind the patterns and what it represents.Where did you get your amazing ideas from?

    Fantastic work!

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