We learnt how to pass, catch and shoot the ball into the hoop in netball.

First, we practise playing netball. There were 2 defenders and 2 shooters, the shooter cannot run with the ball, they have to try passing the ball to the other shooter and the 2 defenders are trying to defend the ball from the shooters.

Next, we played a game. There was the non-bib team and the bib team. We had to try getting all the ball on the hoop by passing the ball to our other teammates. If we drop the ball, we have to put all the ball back to another hoop.

Afterwards, we played a game of netball. There were 2 defenders, 2 shooters on my team and the other team, and there were 8 attackers in the middle of the court. 

Last, we played jedi dodgeball. There was 1 jedi on both of our teams. Someone had to be a jedi in our team. If I got hit, I had to sit down so I could wait until the jedi tapped on my shoulder with the noodle so I could be back onto the game. If the jedi gets hit, the other team wins and we will restart the game.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to play netball. I did well on passing/throwing the ball. I need to improve on catching the ball.

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