Cultural Stories

I made a google map and plot where the culture stories are from.

First, I read 4 stories. The stories I read were: Rua and Te Manu, Hinemoa and Tutanekai, The Kakangora, and Tsuru no Ongaeshi.

Next, I need to write down the summary of the 4 stories I read. For an example: I put the summary for Rua and Te Manu. Rua always warned Te Manu to not paddle far and beware of the Tangaroa, but Te Manu paddled too far. Rua had to go find him and then he found a whare under the sea and saw his son fixed on top of the whare. Tekoteko told Rua that he needs to defeat the Tangaroa to get his son back. After defeating the Tangaroa, Rua got his son back.

Last, I added the image or a video.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt new culture stories. I did well on plotting where the stories is from. I need to improve on summarising.

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