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LI: Learning about New Zealand History.

LS2 has been learning and discovering about all places in New Zealand about the history behind it. My partner and I chose one of the 36 cards and we chose to learn the history behind Ahi Ka. It took place in Bastion Point and it’s a special place with lots of history behind it. Bastion Point was where Michael Joseph Savage’s body was buried, the Government took away Ngati Whatua land so Te Puea led a petition to restore their land back and the Crown decided to get rid of people who lived in Okahu Bay by burning it down, when all the houses were burned down the only building was standing was the Chapel and the Cemetery.

We found this activity interesting because we like how were learning more information about the past and learning the History behind one of the places in New Zealand.

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  1. I liked how your slideshow had lots of information. It was put together very nicely and overall it looks very wonderful

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