Anzac Quatrefoil

We created an Anzac Quatrefoil.

First, I need to practise drawing a silhouette on scrap paper. I need to draw a silhouette standing on the bottom right, another silhouette crouching on the bottom left. I also need to draw a cross in the middle and a flag behind it, a cross on the top left and another cross on the top right.

Next, I drew the two silhouettes on the quatrefoil paper, the 3 crosses and the flag that is behind the middle cross.

Last, I need to colour the background red and I need to colour the silhouette, cross and in black. I colour the flag blue and the handle grey.

I enjoyed this activity because I created an Anzac quatrefoil. I did well on drawing the silhouette. I need to improve on colouring.

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