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Question Answer Relationship

I revised learning QAR. The 4 question types are Right There, Think and Search, Author and Me, and On my own. Right there is that the answer can be found in the text. Think and Search is that answer is in the test but it might look different from the question. Author and Me is that the author telling you what to come up. On my own is using your own background knowledge.

First, I had to answer the first question which is “How does Bran feel when Mara is considering whether help him?”. I think its Think and Search because on the last text it said that Bran doesn’t understand why Mara helped him.

Next, I had to answer the second question which is “What genre is this story?”. I think that the genre to this story is a Fantasy.

Then, I had to answer the third question which is “What are the rules for this test?”. I think Its right there because its on the first text and it said that the rules for this test is that each child has to complete the task alone, each child must find a certain plant and each child must return by sunset.

Last, I had to answer the last question which is “What does Bran think of Mara?”. I think its Right There because its on the text but it may look different.

I enjoyed this activity because I revised learning QAR. I need to improve on putting the questions on the right category. I did well on answering the questions.


I revised learning things about Statistic.

First, we needed to answer the 4 questions. The questions were: “What is your favourite colour”, “What month you are born in”, “How many people live in your house”, and “Can you ride a bike?”

Next, we drew a tally and put all the information about all the 4 questions. For an example: What is your favourite colour? 5 people like blue, 6 people like green, 2 people like red, 2 people like purple, 1 person likes black and 2 people like brown.

Last, we needed to write what I can see on the tally and bar graph. For an example: I can see that most of the students were born in April.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt things about statistic. I did well on writing what I can see. I need to improve on drawing the bar graph properly.

Commanding Conversation

I typed down a conversation.

First, I had to pick an image.

Next, I had to pick the name for the characters that is on the image. They are: Alice, Ophelia, Levi, and Henry.

Last, I had to type down the conversation to describe the image.

I enjoyed this activity because I typed down a conversation on many different kind of images.

Skits Video

We recorded a skit video.

First, my group and I had to fix some parts and we added one more character in the Google Doc. 

Next, my group and I practised our script. Brooke is Ida who is the bully, Ane is Diola who is the backup for her friend, and Siniva is Donatienne who is the person who is getting bullied by Ida.

Lastly, we had recorded our skits. We recorded our skits outside and we had to get one person to record us because the actors are me, Ane, and Siniva.

I enjoyed this activity because we recorded a skit video. I did well on acting. I need to improve on speaking louder.


There are lots of different kinds of poems. These are some of the types of poetry: Haiku, Diamante, Cinquain, and Limerick.

Haiku is a poetry that has a topic that it’s usually a moment in time. Haiku has 3 lines, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and another 5 syllables and it has a seasonal word.

Diamante is a poetry that can be any topic. Diamante has 7 lines. Diamante has different word count in each line and it has 3 different word types which are: Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs, and it doesn’t have rhymes and a rhythm.

Cinquain is a poetry that also can be any topic. Cinquain has 5 lines, its a story with actions, feelings and a conclusion.

Limerick is a poetry that can be anything, but usually humorous. Limerick has 5 lines, it has end rhymes on the first and second line and it has another end rhymes on the third and fourth line.

These are the purpose of these 4 poetries.

Ratio and Rates

I learnt what Ratio and Rates are.

First, we had to learn what Ratio and Rates are. Ratio is a comparison of two numbers by division, also Ratio and Fractions are basically similar. Rates is a comparison of two numbers using time. It’s just like Ratio but it includes times.

Next, we need to answer the question that was on the Google Document.

Last, I made a Google Draw explaining what Ratio and Rates are.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt what Ratio and Rates are. I did well on giving the Ratio. I need to improve on giving the Rates.

Persuasive Speech

The structure for a Persuasive Speech is OREO. 

O stands for Opinion. Opinion is telling what your idea was about the topic. For an example: Littering is not good because it’s harmful for the environment.

R and E stands for Reason and Explanation. Reason is telling the reason why you thought about that. Explanation is explaining your reason. For an example: Some animals can’t tell if rubbish is food or not, if the animals eat rubbish it would kill them because it blocks their stomach.

O stands for Opinion. Opinion is telling what your idea was about the topic at the end. For an example: If littering continues, the environment would get worse.


We revised playing Netball.

First, we practised passing the ball. We got into a group of 3 and we had to make a triangle. We had to do the chest pass and to catch the ball we had to make a triangle.

Next, we played 3 relay games. We got into 2 teams, the first game we played was that the other team had to make a circle and they had to pass it around the circle and my team had to run around the circle until everyone had a turn. The second game we played was that our team had to make a line and pass on over our heads and under our legs.

Last, we practised playing netball. There were 2 defenders and 2 shooters, the shooter cannot run with the ball, they have to try passing the ball to the other shooter and the 2 defenders are trying to defend the ball from the shooters and there were 3 attackers in both of the teams.

I enjoyed this activity because we revised playing Netball. I did well on being an attacker. I need to improve on defending the ball when someone is trying to pass the ball to their other teammates.

SSR Selfie – Spirits

I read a story about Spirits.

The story was about a Twelve-years-old girl named Lucky Prescott craves excitement but as a young lady of society, she’s only been allowed to experience adventure only through books. That is, until one fateful day when Lucky, her father and her aunt leave their neat and tidy city life and travel to their new house out west. The Wild West. At first Lucky is excited, but during the train ride to her new hometown of Miradero, she begins to worry that she might not have friends. Everyone in West rides horses, but Lucky was never allow to sit on one.

I enjoyed reading this book.