I revised learning things about Statistic.

First, we needed to answer the 4 questions. The questions were: “What is your favourite colour”, “What month you are born in”, “How many people live in your house”, and “Can you ride a bike?”

Next, we drew a tally and put all the information about all the 4 questions. For an example: What is your favourite colour? 5 people like blue, 6 people like green, 2 people like red, 2 people like purple, 1 person likes black and 2 people like brown.

Last, we needed to write what I can see on the tally and bar graph. For an example: I can see that most of the students were born in April.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt things about statistic. I did well on writing what I can see. I need to improve on drawing the bar graph properly.

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