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Identify Fractions

We learnt two fractions which are thirds and fifths.

First, we needed to fold the two pieces of paper into thirds and fifths.

Next, we needed to cut out the pieces of paper into thirds and fifths.

Last, we took a picture of ourselves showing the thirds and fifths.

I enjoyed this task because I learned what thirds and fifths are. I did well on folding and cutting the paper into thirds. I need to improve on folding the paper into fifths.

SSR Selfie

I readed 10 pages about Spirits.

The story was about

It was about that there was a Twelve-years-old Lucky Prescott craves excitement but as a young lady of society, she’s only been allowed to experience adventure only through books. That is, until one fateful day when Lucky, her father and her aunt leave their neat and tidy city life and travel to their new house out west. The Wild West.

At first Lucky is excited, but during the train ride to her new hometown of Miradero, she begins to worry. What if she doesn’t have any friends? Everyone in the West rides horses, but she’s never allowed to sit on one.

I enjoyed this book because I love reading fiction stories about people riding and looking after the horses.

The Quatrefoil

On week 5 we learnt how to make a Quatrefoil and information about Max Gimblett.

First, we needed to make 2 lines. The first line needs to me horizontally and the other line needs to be vertically. The 2 lines needs to be in the middle, if you see the red horizontally or vertically line that means its in the middle.

Next, we needed to add 4 circles. The first circle needs to be on the middle top and we need to put the circle if the red line horinzontally line appears and make the same thing on the other circles but we need to place them in a different place to make it look like a quatrefoil. Then you group them together.

Last, we can design what emotion we should make. There are so many emotions like Happy, Angry, Excited, Sad and others. My emotion was the sad personality.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt information about Max Gimblett. I did well on making the quatrefoil. I need to improve on knowing information about Max Gimblett.

Basic Facts Boxes

I completed a Speed Demon Challenge in Division. I got all the answers correct and my finishing time is 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

I enjoyed this task because it makes my skills go up. I did well on typing all the answers correct. I need to improve on finishing my challenge faster. 


Commanding Conversation

I learnt what was Commanding Conversation.

I typed down a long descriptive conversation to describe the photo.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to type down a descriptive conversation. I did well on. typing down a descriptive coversation. I need to improve on checking my conversation if it make sense so people can understand it.

Prior Knowledge

We learnt how to make connections between a text and our Prior Knowledge.

First, we talked about what we know about drums or drumming. Drums are played with sticks. Drums can play different beats and rhythms, some drums are loud and there are different kind of drums.

Next, we talked about what we know about South Pacific. South Pacific is an Ocean which has islands in it.

Last, we talked about what countries are next to South Pacific. Countries are next to South Pacific are Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, and Cook Island.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt information about South Pacific and Drums. I did well on knowing things about Drums. I need to improve on knowing information about South Pacific.

SSR Selfie – Olivia’s Secret Scribbles

I readed 41 pages.

The story was about Olivia and Matilda practising awesome circus skills, so they could perform an unbelievable acrobat show. There was an awesome Circus Skills Workshop came to town. They will teach them wild gymnastics skills. But there was something wrong with Olivia’s Bestfriend Matilda. She was kinda sad because she can’t hang upside down.

I enjoyed reading this book because I like how Olivia and Matilda are trying to learn how to acrobat at the Circus Skills Workshop so they could perform their circus show with other people from their school.

Verb State

We learned how to use the continuous and perfect states in sentences.

First, we needed to figured out what the following sentences mean and what state they are. For an example: Mary competes in triathlons. The state was simple and the sentence meaning is Mary does triathlons sometimes but not right now.

Next, we needed to plan what action we should use and what 3 states we can show in sentences. We should write on the piece of paper.

Last, we needed to take a picture of ourselves doing the actions.

I enjoyed this activity because I learned what does Simple, Continuous and Perfect means. I did well on doing the action. I needed to improve on using the states in sentences.


We learnt what does keywords meant. Keywords means something that unlocks the meaning of the sentence.

First, we readed 5 pages and we needed to look for keywords.

Next, we needed to type down information in the What, Where, When, and Who. We didn’t needed to do the why and how because we can’t find any information about it.

Last, we needed to summarise 15 words.

I enjoyed doing this task because I learned what keywords meant. I did well on finding for keywords. I needed to improve on summarising words.