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Fact FInd

We research a drum from a different country for our Fact Find.

First, we needed to think of a drum from a different culture. I decided to research a drum from my culture called a lali and its a tongan drum.

Next, I typed down the introduction about the Lali. For an example: Lali is a tongan drum which are used exclusively in the dance called ma’ulu’ulu. Tongan state the dance was introduced from Samoa around 1900.

Then, I need to type down 5 different facts about the Lali. I needed to research things about the drums. For an example: Tongans probably borrowed the style drums we now use from Samoans in the early 1900s.

After, I need to attribute image of a lali and videos of someone playing with the drum.

Last, I put all the website links where I got my 5 different facts and I need to put the author of the website.

I enjoyed this activity because I did some research about a drum from my culture. I did well on finding facts. I need to improve on not copy and paste information from a website.

South Pacific Beats

We learnt how to comprehend and make connection on the text.

First, we listened to Mr Wong reading page 5 and 6. After listening to Mr Wong reading, we needed to answer the questions in small groups.

Next, we needed to choose one of the reading methods which are shared reading, buddy reading and independent reading. We decided to choose shared reading. Shared reading is listening to the person who is reading. We listened to Mayshar reading page 7 and 8.

Last, we needed to agree each others ideas and we answered the question from the last two pages.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt stuff about drums. I did well on answering some of the questions. I need to improve on on knowing more information about drums.


We made connection with our prior knowledge.

First, we used our prior knowledge to look what was the text about. Prior Knowledge is the information you know about a topic.

Next, we predicted what the text was gonna be about. We predicted that the text is about the South Pacific drum beats.

Last, we needed to answer the question by reading the text in buddys or single.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to make connection with our prior knowledge. I did well on typing down the answers. I need to improve on knowing how how sound are created in lali.


We learnt what does keywords meant. Keywords means something that unlocks the meaning of the sentence.

First, we readed 5 pages and we needed to look for keywords.

Next, we needed to type down information in the What, Where, When, and Who. We didn’t needed to do the why and how because we can’t find any information about it.

Last, we needed to summarise 15 words.

I enjoyed doing this task because I learned what keywords meant. I did well on finding for keywords. I needed to improve on summarising words.

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