Catching and Passing

We revised on stepping and passing.

First, we played a game called Octopus with a tiny square. The taggers in the middle need to say many things about what the person has. If the taggers said the things of what you have, you need to run to the other side. If you get tagged, you are a seaweed and you need to try touching someone while you can’t move.

Then, we revised on passing the ball to someone else. We got into 3 groups and made a triangle. We needed to pass the ball anticlockwise or clockwise.

Next, we had a competition to see who is the first team to win. We needed to pass the ball 20 times, if you drop the ball, we need to restart. If we pass the ball 20 times, we needed to sit down so the teacher could know your done.

Last, we had another competion to see who is the first team to win. We needed to split in 2 teams and there is one person in the middle. The person in the middle needs to pass the ball around the circle.

I enjoyed this activity because I revised on stepping. I did well on passing. I need to improve on stepping.

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