Online Dangers

There are lots of different bad situations like: Scams, Cyberbullying, Phishing, Posting Private Informations, Malware download, Predators and Regretful posting.

Predators are when adults pretend to be children to make you do inappropriate things. For an example: “Hi there, I’m John. How old are you? I’m 10. Do you like Fortnite?”Here is a possible solution: Block, Tell parents, and report to the admins and moderators.

Malware download is when ads or apps make you download software that makes your computer slow or steal information. For example: “You accidentally clicked an ad for a game you have never seen before.” Here is a possible solution: use a virus checker and delete.

Regretful posting is when you post something online that will cause trouble later in life. For an example: “Hi Jack. Do you want to come with me and Siale to the movies?” Mum says she will pick you up. Just post your address here and we’ll pick you up. Here is a possible solution: Be aware of your actions and don’t do anything that will cause problems.

There might be more bad situations around the world.

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