Writing a story

I created a story.

First, I brainstormed what my main characters are going to be, their locations and the settings, and this story was inspired by The Red Riding Hood. For example: My main characters are John, Delilah, a Stranger, John’s Grandpa, Jane (John’s Mother). Then, I had to plan my story by using the Narrative Planner. The structure of a Narrative is TOPES.

Next, I started writing down my story. This story was about a boy and girl packing their basket and bringing it to their grandpa’s house but then a stranger came by, he asked them where they were going, then they told them that they were going. Then, he kidnapped their grandpa and then hid him somewhere.

I enjoyed this activity because I made a story. I did well on writing my story. I need to improve on planning.

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