Kelly Sport

We played 3 games.

First, we played a mini obstacle course. We had to run in Zig Zag, jumping over the orange bar, do 5 star jumps, run straight and then skip walking.

Next, we played infinite tag. To play the game, if someone tag someone else, they have to sit down and wait until that person gets tagged so that person could be back into the game.

Last, we played Golden Child. There are 2 teams, 1 person from each team has to run, do 5 squats and then when they meet each other, they had to do rock, paper, scissors. If one of the person won on rock, paper, scissor, they have run to the other teams bases and the next person goes.

I enjoyed this activity because we played 3 games. I did well on playing rock, paper, scissors. I need to improve on skip walking.

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