As pair we completed a kick start activity from the summer learning journey.

The activity was to create a comic and tell a story about some characters at the beach. Our comic was about 2 friends on a trip to the beach. A girl named Siniva picked up a random ball on the ground, not knowing what to do. Until she got the idea, she decided to play volleyball. She asked her friend Bethany to play, and she gladly accepted. In the first round, Siniva served the ball and Bethany jumped trying to strike the ball but missed making Siniva win the first round. Siniva was celebrating her win and Bethany became devastated that she lost and wanted a rematch. In the second round the game was going well until Siniva hit the ball too hard, hitting Bethany in the face causing her to fall on the floor. With no chance of beating Siniva, she wanted to stop playing and offered Siniva to have ice cream with her. Siniva accepts the offer knowing that Bethany doesn’t want to play.

This activity was amusing because we got to use our ideas, Imagination, and creativity to create a comic.

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