Cultural Stories

I learnt new cultural stories.

First, my partner and I read the first story that was about Rata Me te Rakau The story about Rata Me Te Rakau is that a person name Rata needs to find a tall and straight tree to carry his people away from the battle of Tawhirimatea and Tangaroa. When Rata found a perfect tree, he started cutting and went back home but when he came back the tree was all tall and straight because he did not respect the nature.

Next, my partner and I read the second story that was about Rua and Te Manu. The story about Rua and Te manu is that Rua always warn Te Manu to keep safe but one day Te Manu paddled too far. Rua went to find him and bring him back home. He saw a whare and decided to go there and then he saw Te Manu on top of the Whare. Rua had to do the things he was told to, then he set the whare in fire and got his son back.

Last, my partner and I read third story that was about The Kakangora. The story about The Kakangaora is that in the next morning, the villager went outside to pick up some ripe nuts but there was nothing on the ngali tree. They decided to catch the The Kakangaora. After they caught the Kakangaora, everyone started arguing because they all have different ideas. The Kakanroga cut the eel trap then ran away. When they finally stopped arguing, they saw the Kakanroga was gone.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt new cultural stories. I did well on knowing what happened. I need to improve on knowing the message.

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