One Line Artwork – Step it up

I completed a summer learning journey task called One Line Artwork (Step it up).

First, I drew the bird in one line by using the scribble tool.

Next, I coloured it in. Here is the meaning of the colours if you don’t know: The colour blue means that they are happy. The colour red means that is in danger. The colour green means is that other birds are okay.

I enjoyed this activity because I like drawing. I did well on drawing. I need to improve on choosing a better colour.

2 thoughts on “One Line Artwork – Step it up

  1. Hello Siniva,
    Good job on making this bird, it looks colourful and stands out a lot. I really hope you will keep on going with the Summer Learning Journey.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Malo e lelei Emmanuel
      Thank you for commenting on my blog post. I’m glad that you like how I drew my bird and the colours I used!

      Thank you!!
      From Siniva Taumoepeau

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