Month: December 2022

Poetry Slam

I completed a summer learning journey task called Poetry Slam.

First, I had to watch the example videos.

Next, I had to make a copy of a google slide and created a resource bank of the things that inspires me in my summer poem during the Poetry Slam.

I enjoyed this activity because I liked watching the video where people performed there poems. I did well on creating my poem. I need to improve on making my own image.

Treasure Hunt

I completed a Summer Learning Journey activity called Treasure Hunt.

First, I had to watch Nano Girl’s video so I could make the materials when I can’t find the exact materials I need.

Next, I had to find the materials that I needed from the equipment list. I got all of the materials I needed but I didn’t had a tube and a string so I decided to make a tube and I used a long grass as a string.

Last, I made a labelled diagram of all the materials I collected from the equipment list.

I enjoyed this activity because I revised playing Treasure Hunt. I did well on making the things I needed. I need to improve on finding the materials I needed.

SSR Selfie – Philip Reeve Night Flights

I read 9 page about the Philip Reeve Night Flights book which it was made by Ian Mcque.

The story was about In the dangerous future world of Mortal Engines, huge motorized cities hunt, attack and devour each other. It in their that Anna’s home was consumed by Arkangel, the Great Predator City. She was separated from her parents and kept as a slave in the dark belly of arkangel – but Anna in determined to be free again.

I enjoyed this activity because I read a book about the Philip Reeve Night Flights. I did well at finding words. I need to improve on reading properly.


Writing a story

I created a story.

First, I brainstormed what my main characters are going to be, their locations and the settings, and this story was inspired by The Red Riding Hood. For example: My main characters are John, Delilah, a Stranger, John’s Grandpa, Jane (John’s Mother). Then, I had to plan my story by using the Narrative Planner. The structure of a Narrative is TOPES.

Next, I started writing down my story. This story was about a boy and girl packing their basket and bringing it to their grandpa’s house but then a stranger came by, he asked them where they were going, then they told them that they were going. Then, he kidnapped their grandpa and then hid him somewhere.

I enjoyed this activity because I made a story. I did well on writing my story. I need to improve on planning.

Commanding Conversation

I completed a can-do task called Commanding Conversation.

First, I had to pick an image.

Next, I had to think of a name for the people that is on the image. For an example: There are 2 girls in the picture, so the little girl name is Katie and the women will be Kate who is Katie’s Mother.

Last, I had to type in a conversation that describes the image.

I enjoyed this activity because I typed down a conversation on many different kind of images.

Space Shuttle Orbiter

We made a quiz of a piece of technology we have learnt over the past 3 weeks.

First, we had to make an interactive report with the technology we have learned. The five kind of interactive reports are: Quiz with correct and incorrect answers, Puzzle, Match Challenge, and a Game that we can copy. For an example Snake and ladders. We decided to make a quiz

Next, we planned our quiz. For an example: Densyn and Malosi are putting the links, Bethany, Azarliah and I are finding our questions and Myah is putting the boarders.

Last, We made our quiz.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt lots of information about the space shuttle orbiter. I did well on finding questions. I need to improve on planning

Explanation Transportation

I explained the parts of the vehicle I created last week.

First, I wrote down my introduction about my vehicle. For an example: I chose to fix some of the cons from the modern car and I decided to add new parts on the vehicle. This vehicle can go on land transport, rail transport and air transport.

Next, I had to explain the parts of the vehicle. For an example: I added a solar panel on top of the car so it could be powered by sunlight instead of gas because gas is bad for the environment.

Last, I had to tell why it helps society. This vehicle helps society because it uses Rail transport, Air transport, and land transport.

I enjoyed this activity because I created my own vehicle. I did well on explaining the new parts. I need to improve on explaining why it helps society.

Comment Thread

I revised commenting on other people’s blog post.

First, my partner had to comment on my Car Design blog post. She had to comment a Greetings, Positive Feedback, Helpful Feedback, Thoughtful Comment, Make a Connection and she had to ask a question.

Next, I had to reply back to her comment, I had to greet her, answering her question, adding more informations and asking a questions to her. Then, she had to reply back to me and then I had to write my last response to her.

I enjoyed this activity because I learnt how to write a comment. I did well on replying. I need to improve on adding more information.